Exhibit Guide & Interpreter Packrat Playhouse

Volunteer Description:
Packrat Playhouse Volunteers will help facilitate informal learning in a dynamic family-driven play space inside the Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum's newest exhibit Packrat Playhouse.
Packrat Playhouse Exhibit Guides/ Interpreters will be able to engage visitors through science based games and activities and interpret the ecology of the Sonoran Desert, primarily as it pertains to packrats. Exhibit Guides/ Interpreters work with children of all ages, use and expand upon public speaking and interpretive skills, while working in a fun, non-traditional educational setting.
Applicants should have a passion for working with children in non-traditional educational settings. A positive and upbeat attitude. Applicants should be willing and comfortable to stand, bend and squat for the shift. Volunteer commitment is for a minimum of 5 months.
Current Openings:
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays for 3 hour shifts: 10am-1pm 11am-2pm or 1pm-4pm With a summer position Saturdays, 6pm-9pm during Cool Summer Nights events.