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Buffelgrass Working Group

In response to the escalating number of acres being infested in the region by non-native buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare), a group of federal and state agency representatives, county and city leaders, university researchers, and staff from non-profit organizations formed a coalition in late 2006 to improve buffelgrass management across jurisdictions. This coalition organized the Buffelgrass Summit in February 2007, then went on to form the Buffelgrass Core Team, with the goals of implementing recommendations made at the Summit and improving communication about each member's buffelgrass management efforts.

The Buffelgrass Information Center -- a more formalized group including representatives of jurisdictions, agencies and organizations who had contributed financially to regional buffelgrass research and control efforts through the Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU) -- began meeting in 2006 to explore alternatives to buffelgrass control. With the development of the Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Strategic Plan, the Buffelgrass Information Center expanded its membership to encompass the functions and representatives from the Core Team in an effort to combine parallel efforts to accomplish more.

The Buffelgrass Information Center has enjoyed many successes. More information on these achievements can be found on the Achievements page.