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Evaluation of Glyphosate Spraying from Rotary Wing Aircraft

Past experience has shown that glyphosate is effective at killing buffelgrass with a single application when applied from backpack sprayers or vehicle-mounted boom sprayers. This research project is designed to evaluate the feasibility of spraying glyphosate from rotary wing aircraft to kill buffelgrass in an arid landscape while causing minimum impact to native non-target species. The primary goals are to evaluate the safety of the aerial operation and to quantify the buffelgrass and non-target native damage from glyphosate applied at two concentrations and two application rates. Results will provide quantitative data to assist land managers in assessing the utility of this technology and, if deemed appropriate, will inform further research in refining the technology for unique requirements of controlling buffelgrass in certain areas of the Sonoran Desert.

This test was scheduled for the week of August 16, 2010 - see attached press release

Information on the test including a map of the site are available in the attached files.

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