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Press Releases

Some buffelgrass management activities have been ongoing for years, while others have just begun. The following are press releases and other media notices for various buffelgrass-related activities that have occurred within Southern Arizona.


Call for Volunteers to help Remove Buffelgrass on Beat Back Buffelgrass Day



Buffelgrass Fires Emerge in Greater Tucson Area
Buffelgrass populations are now doubling each year and are increasing the fire risk in the southern and central part of the state.

  • A fire broke out along the Union Pacific RR near Old Nogales and Sunday on March 12
  • 10 acres was ignited by a 12-yr old boy just south of the Yaqui Reservation on March 14
  • Buffelgrass lining I-19 mostly fueled a fire south of Green Valley on March 18

All of these fires were fueled predominantly by buffelgrass. All three fires were called brush fires despite the fact that they were mostly grass fires; they were mostly fueled by the invader buffelgrass. On March 10th, Cong. Gabrielle Giffords spoke to the Sonoran Institute and her remarks included reference to the buffelgrass challenge: "Another example {of environmental challenges we face} is the un-natural catastrophic fires that threaten the Sonoran desert. The Sonoran desert is not a place accustomed to fire as some ecosystems are. Yet because exotic invasive grass species, such as buffelgrass, are expanding, the desert now burns. Unfortunately, cacti are not designed to survive fire so the result is serious injury to the land. In addition, these grasses create a continuous fuel source that can act as a "wick" that draws fire from the desert into grasslands and up into the forests. This is what happened during the 250,000 acre Cave Creek fire in 2005. It's tough to measure the total impact of these fires to our state, but we know that the costs are tremendous. By working together to care for our land and eradicate invasive species, we will not only save money and protect our environment, we will save lives."

Pima Association of Governments Regional Council Adopts Resolution Recognizing the Threat Posed by Buffelgrass and Encouraging Better Public Engagement