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Risk Assessment

In December 2009, SABCC contracted with Logan Simpson Design Inc (LSD) to assist in the development of a Regional Assessment Buffelgrass Distribution and Abundance Tucson Basin (regional assessment) project. This project has three primary goals:

  • Develop a systematic approach to gathering quantitative data on the distribution and abundance of buffelgrass within the Tucson basin

  • Develop a regional ranking system for identifying priority areas for buffelgrass management

  • Align high priority treatment areas with cost effective sustainable prescriptions supported by local governments, agencies and residents

To implement the regional assessment a SABCC Mapping Team was established composed of natural resource and Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists. Beginning in December 2009, the SABCC Mapping Team has met every other week to review available data, established habitat ranking criteria and values for each influencing factor used to geospatially depict areas of high ecological and social sensitivity. The charter of the SABCC Mapping Team is to establish boundaries for the regional assessment, develop an inclusion/exclusion condition matrix template, identify inventory methods, and develop tiered management control recommendations and data management protocols necessary to meet the management goals of the regional assessment. This report summarizes the results of the initial efforts of SABCC in conducting a regional assessment of buffelgrass distribution and abundance in the Tucson basin by developing an Invasive Species Ranking protocol to geospatially display areas of greatest ecological and social concern to potential invasion of buffelgrass.  The intended use is to assist the SABCC in meeting strategic objectives by developing a regional assessment of the distribution and abundance of buffelgrass within the Tucson basin.

The project was completed in May of 2010 resulting in the following Report