Matt's Story

One of the most inspiring experiences of Earth Camp was the campout on Mount Lemmon. I enjoyed sharing a tent with my friends, and being out in the wilderness. We had fencing duels with sticks, card games, and exploring the outdoors.

This experience inspired me to be a photographer of the wilderness. There are so many cool plants, animals, and bugs that I want to photograph and be able to remember. Whether at the Desert Museum, at Kitt Peak, at Mount Lemmon, or in my back yard, I want to take pictures of the wildlife.

This is a picture taken on Mt. Lemmon. I think its important to have pictures like this that document the wilderness, because this moment is always preserved. If a forest fire destroys these trees in the picture, they will be preserved forever in the picture.


I made lots of new friends at this camp, like Christian, Derek AKA Jet Li, and Luis. Also im friends with Armando, Gerardo, Albert AKA Tibbs, Lindsey AKA Captain,Fernando, Collete, Tanner,Katie AKA You!, Cynthia,Emily,Diana, Ashley,Farzaneh, Yaxaira,Kari, Melanie,and Maggie. So basically igot along with everyone at this camp. I nicknamed Lindsey (Carlson, a counselor) Captain and everyone started calling him that. I also nicknamed another counselor . I nicknamed Eric (Liljequist) Tim. After that, almost everyone called him that. Eric is Laurel Clark's cousin.

Heres a picture of me (with the squirt bottle) and Derek.