Emily's Story

Inspired to connect with myself

Alone I sat upon a rock

The silence not shattered because no one could talk

The silence made my mind unlock

Freely in so long I could think I made all the words I thought of link

Together they made a story no longer did I have to worry

Nature had connected me with myself and helped me with my mental heath

one of the most influential experiences I had during Earth Camp was... "the way that everybody knew what you ment no mattter how complicated. The way that nobody laughed at your ideas no matter how dumb, no matter how little it took you to think of it wether it be 5 seconds or 5 hours no matter how illogical you knew you you belonged amongst evreyone somehow and were like everyone in at least one way, either your favorite movie or that you both don't think you have anything in common, but most of all is that everyday I woke up and worried about Earth Camp I remembered that no matter what, I had a friend there to go to, and that is how the worst times became the best, everyday.

Because of this experience, I have decided to make a change in my life to better live in harmony with the natural world. I will not kill the animals I find in my home because I have made my home on top of theirs. To kill them just because they are looking for food would be inhumane. We have so much food and we have killed or destroyed so much of their's as well as destroyed their homes which provide food, shade, and protection. All they're doing is looking to find another place that provides these things so why not take them outside and in short say this is my home and not have to kill anything and therefore live with these animals in harmony.