Katie L's Story

What will be my role in the environmental community?

I intend to be prepared to answer when people ask about my personal choices. It doesn't do much good to just lecture people about how to reduce their ecological footprint. However, if they ask why I do something I will have the perfect opportunity to inform them. During Earth Camp, I had two different opportunities to tell people about what we can do for the environment. One was out O’Malley’s, where it was our job to educate the public about the Defenders of Wildlife’s cause. The other was more subtle. We were given a challenge to buy lunch within a certain boundary around the U of A. The catch was, we had to attempt to produce no trash or food waste. We had to explain to the people who made and served our food that we wanted the least waste possible, and that gave us the opportunity to explain our goal. A curious bystander asked about what we were doing, so we got to tell her all about the challenge and our camp too.
My team ( combined team of eight people) produced only one pizza box. We even ate the papers with the challenge instructions on them (not something we'd recommend but it added to the fun!).  However, the staff team beat us. The three of them only produced the three pieces of wax paper pictured.
I plan to make every meal a waste-free challenge. This means I may have to do crazy things like giving the dirty pizza box back to have another pizza put in it. I hope that many, many people ask why I do this, and I’ll give them all an answer. Some people will just think I’m crazy, but others will question their own choices.
Another choice I make to reduce my ecological footprint is vegetarianism. I don't intend to make a big deal about it. Many of my friends don’t even know that I’m a vegetarian. I was always afraid of people’s reactions. I am going to try and make sure that everyone knows, and that they know why. Everyone ought to know that vegetarianism in better for the environment, even if they don’t choose to be one themselves. I will no longer just shrug when someone asks why I don’t eat meat. The best thing I can do for the environmental community is be a role model.

During Earth Camp, I wrote down quotes; just things that the crew said in ordinary conversation. Some of them were funny at the time, some are funny out of context, and some might not be funny at all. The multitude of photos shows what we did, but these show what we said.

“Some people have too much hands on their time.” –Bianca

“It’s lemon all over again.” –Lawrence.


“I don’t want to break the cactus!” –Erin

“As Julie says, ‘It’s all good.’” –Franklin

“Sunny D is my kryptonite.” –Tyler

“This is roadside botany.” –Jesus

“I love fish guts.” –Elena

“Whoever sits in shotgun gets the death seat next. After my turn, of course.” –Lindsey (Kayla coined the term ‘death seat’)

“Galls, anyone?” –Julie

[Yelling] “Pee faster, Jesus!” –Erin

“Just look for a cow in a tree.” –Andrew

“You say ‘My house is as clean as a weasel.” –Jesus

[Suggestively, with the word ‘mate’ drawn out] “Why's the male tarantula walking around? Looking for a mate.” –Julie

“I eat my salad with a mallet.” -Lindsey

“The rice ball has a duck fetish.” –Kayla

“If Mexico was a vegetable aisle, France would be a pea.” –Tyler

“We need to have a pow-wow about chow-chow.” –Amy

[When Kayla read these quotes aloud] “I didn’t say that.” -Lindsey