Katie R's Story

My experience at Earth Camp was so awesome. It has changed my whole outlook on how I live my life and the actions that I take. When we went to the land fill and learned about garbage, in just one morning they had tons of garbage and with in two years they would have accumulated 35 ft of waste. I was just blown away and, it made me start to think about how I want to start telling people to recycle and, use more. We had an Earth Camp challenge to go off on our own and eat lunch and who ever came back with the least amount of waste won the challenge. So 8 of us went out to at a Papa Johns Pizza, we order a pizza and when we were finished with it we wanted more, so we took the pizza box back and asked him to put our other pizza in the same box. He had a hard time understanding what it was we wanted but when we were finished with lunch it felt so great to know that we helped the environment just by using the same pizza box . At Earth Camp we weighed all of our waste and recycling. It really made me feel like I was really making a difference.
Most people don’t think about how much waste they are really making and the effect their having on our planet . I got an up close look at that when we went to Mexico when people there just toss their trash on the side of the road or how they toss a cigarette and start the whole desert on fire with out knowing it.
When I’m home I’m going to choose to make a personal lifestyle change, to see the difference I make. To teach people about if just one person recycles they can have a large impact on the environment. No matter if it’s a good impact or a bad impact. I would like to go home and teach people that if they separate trash from recyclable, they can play a roll in saving our environment.