Lydia's Story

What will be your role as a citizen in the environmental community?

As an environmental citizen I’m going to spread the word about where our waste goes and how it is actually never really gone. I will do this by hanging up signs and giving talks about this subject at my high school. At Earth Camp we visited the Los Reales, both a greens and waste landfill. We visited at about 9:00 am. When we got to the trash that had been brought in just that morning it took my breath away. The pile of trash was huge (above). Seeing this sight at Earth Camp proved to me that just because the trash isn’t in our trash can any more doesn’t mean that it is gone. It just goes to Los Reales to get buried and forgotten. Forgotten until we run out of room to put our trash then we remember what we should have done which is recycle. Earth camp has opened my eyes to what really happens to our waste once it leaves our personal garbage can.