Alexis's Story

 Everything i did at earth camp helped me to understand earth and nature and how to find ways to do things to help it.  we learned that but on a personal level i learned team work, compassion for team members. 

 There was one big thing that tied both of those lessons together we hiked a mile to a hidden water fall on Mnt.Lemmonand to study the speed of the water fall but on the way back a girl sprained her ankel and it was preaty far from the cars so there were people trying to get her there cause she was unable to walk. On top of that, another girl started to have ashtma problems, almost an asthma attack. One of the campers and I had to work together to get her to the car but he and I previosly did not get along so it taught me to put aside diffrences in emergencys.

There were some funny moments too!  Like pinecone fights, and a storyteller convinsing some kids that he turned a bear inside-out  funny i know hahahahaha

I have learned so much its been awsome, the most influentual thing was the sweet water wetlands it was a place for animals with no containment, it was great.