Shawn's Story

The thing that I found interesting was when we did the Mars missions. It was interesting because we have to make our own mission to Mars. For some people it was hard because we had limited money, and the amount of money we had was $400,000,000. My group’s mission was easy because we worked as a team, and did not make arguments about the mission to Mars. Our mission was to find water and one-celled organisms. We had many supplies for our mission like the parachute, 25-watt solar panel, infrared camera, a medium-lift booster, a drill, an arm, and a scoop. We had a lot more supplies but I did not remember all of the supplies that we used for the mission. Out of $400,000,000, we used $391,000,000 for our mission to Mars.

I would like to start a fundraiser for the U of a College of Science. I would do that by going to my church and ask my pastor to let me make a fundraiser at the church. I would persuade him by telling him about how useful it would be to support the U of A College of Science, and where the money will go to. If he says yes, I will start to talk to people about the fundraising for the U of a College of Science, and if they will, I will ask them if they will help me spread the word about the fundraising. When I get the money I will save it so I can send a lot of money at a time instead of a little of money and waste money to mail the money. If every thing goes well we can learn more about Mars.