Max's Story

Hello, I am Max Zuhlke, and this is what I will do to be a leader for a shared planet.

I am going to start a compost pile in my backyard. My family has been chewing on this idea for a while, but we haven't initiated anything yet. I am motivated to do this because I read in an environmental book that if everyone in the world composted everything that could be composted, about 50% of things that go to the landfill wouldn't go. This is a HUGE amount relatively. So by my example, I hope more and more people will compost.

Hello, Max again. Just here to tell you about some of the memorable moments at camp.

1) Slept outside at Camp Cooper. Great to see all of those stars.

2) Snorkeling is awesome.

3)When Lafon jumped into the mud. I feel bad, but it was funny.

4) When Taco (Nathaniel) caught a bat w/ his jacket.

5) Making awesome food with the PURPLE TEAM!

Biosphere 2 is amazing. It really gave me the sense that I was in an actual rainforest, or ocean, etc. I learned how the people in there for the experiments lived, and of their hardships. It was a wonderful experience and I recommend going.

Snorkeling is an experience that no one should pass up. When we did it, it really made me feel one with the environment. Unfortunately there was trash everywhere, but that just motivated me to clean it. If you ever get the chance, help clean up the ocean.

It's Max again.

At Earth Camp, I have met all diferent kinds of people.  From crazy Lafon to crazy Maxwell (we're all crazy).  When I first came to camp, I wasn't sure how I would fit in.  It turned out, I had talked to everyone by the end of the day.  Earth Camp is a great social experience