Natasha's Story

Trees are very important to our world. Trees make the air that animals and us need. If we get rid of trees all humans will die. A mature leafy tree can produce as much air as 10 people can inhale in a year. The amount of trees that are cut down a year is 60,000 km per year. People do not think about trees as much as they do about water, but they are just as important.

Something I will do to help our trees is to make sure that I use both sides of the piece of paper that I am using. This saves trees by lessening the number of them cut down. The way that I will do this is by talking to my teachers and telling them what I am going to do so they will understand and ok it. Also I would let my teacher know that I am using both sides of my papers so they know every time I write a report or paper it will be on both sides. Another way I will do this is by studying my printer and see how it works and if I can program it to print on both sides. If not I will tell it to print a page that I select and then after it prints the page I will put the page back in the printer and print the other page on the back of the first page. I will also use both side of my scratch paper. I got this idea from Earth Camp when they said that water is not the only thing we need to save.