Bradley's Story

The thing I found interesting in Earth Camp is when we camped out at the Desert Museum’s saguaro harvest site. While we were there we got to harvest the fruit off of the saguaros. We had to take a saguaro ribs put together, called a kukuipad, to each up and pick the fruits off of the saguaro. This was challenging because you only wanted the fruit that had pink on them. My group got a good amount because right away we found a big saguaro with 4 or 5 arms and most of the fruit was ripe. We then found more saguaros with a lot of fruit. We then had to take the actual fruit out of its encasing this was a challenge because it had really tough encasing. This was fun because we got to get a little dirty and it was messy. We then had to let the syrup cook for a bit so we could then filter the rocks out of the syrup. We then had it on a burner all night while we slept. In the morning it was ready but we had to wait until we got back to the museum. When we did we had the syrup on ice cream. My commitment to the world is to not make as much light pollution. I can do this by switching all of my lights to cfls. This will save energy and not release so much energy when it’s on. Also I will recycle all I can recycle. This won’t be a lot because I already recycle a bunch of stuff.