Sample Group Itineraries

An entire day could be spent exploring the Desert Museum, but the minimum recommended visit length is 2 hours, or more if you plan on taking a tour or having lunch. Please consider the sample itineraries below as you plan your visit, keeping in mind that groups will move at different paces and have different interests. If you have any questions or would like additional suggestions, please contact the Group Sales Specialist at [email protected] or (520) 883-3018.

If you have an entire day…
(a true Sonoran Desert experience!)

Guests on the Desert Loop Trail

Father and daughter watching the NASA climate change exhibit

If you have four hours…
(a half-day visit that leaves them wanting more!)
A hawk skims guests' heads during Raptor Free Flight
If you have two hours…
(just the highlights!)
Guests enjoy Torch Cactus blooms