Gold Membership

$1500 — one year of support

Gold membership benefits:

- 2 membership cards good for unlimited annual admission*
- Admission for your children or grandchildren ages 17 and under
- 8 one-time-use-only guest passes
- Listing in Annual Report
- Invitation to Behind-the-Scenes Tour with Curatorial Staff
- VIP access to special events (by invitation)
- Annual donor event with the Executive Director
- Exclusive access to Ask a Curator on Museum’s website
- Personal acknowledgement
- Invitation to private event with the Executive Director
- Complimentary gift membership (Dual or Family category) for designated friend

*Please note the "guest of" card option allows for one person's admission per visit only and is not eligible for any other membership benefits (i.e. discounts in the restaurants, giftshops, free coffee/tea etc.).

Additional Benefits Desert Museum Sustaining Members enjoy:

Become a part of the adventure for a year!