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Sunday, April 29, 2018
The 25th Annual Desert Museum Gala

Reservations and Raffle Tickets

Individual Gala Ticket

$225 each
($125 tax-deductible)

# tickets

Sponsor Table of 10

Sonoran Chiltepin
$3,000 each
($1,920 tax deductible)

# tables

Cholla Cactus
$6,500 each
($5,420 tax deductible)

# tables

Coyote Melon
$12,000 each
($10,920 tax deductible)

# tables

Teosinte Corn
$15,000 each
($13,700.50 tax deductible)

# tables

Hohokam Agave
$20,000 / 2 tables
($17,001 tax deductible)

# tables

Raffle Tickets

$25 each

# tickets

5 Raffle Tickets

$100 for 5

# tickets

I am unable to attend but would like to make a
contribution supporting the mission and programs
of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum


This year the menu entrée is a wonderful short rib. If you or your guests would prefer a salmon or vegetarian entrée, please let us know by choosing the number of guests next to the options below.
Short Rib

Please provide the names of your guests below and any dietary preferences we should be aware of. If you are uncertain of your guests at the time of this reservation, please call or email Camille Pons at your earliest convenience at 520/883-3055 [email protected].

For Gala reservations or further information please contact the Member & Donor Services office at
520/ 883-3054 or 520/ 883-3056 Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Raffle Sculpture
Concept sketch by Mark Rossi

Raffle Information

The drawings for this year's Gala raffle sculpture will take place on Sunday, April 29th 2018 during the Desert Gala Live Auction. Each ticket offers one chance to win a life-sized bronze sculpture of a new born javelina (piggy bank!) by local sculptor Mark Rossi. You need not be present to win. If your ticket is drawn and you are not present at the event we will contact you by telephone the following morning.

Raffle Sculpture

Gala OverviewSponsor TablesCenterpieces and Other Information

For additional information contact Camille Pons, Development Officer, 520/883-3055, [email protected]