Arizona Sonora Desert Museum — Current and Proposed Projects
Revised/updated August 26, 2009

Exhibit Projects Underway - 2009

Bear exhibit renovation (need plan & funding) — completed Fall 2009
Javelina night holding footers and service pad — completed 2010
Earth-Sciences upgrades — in progress
Dry Cave - Pleistocene Sloth exhibit upgrades
Earth History Room — install horseshoe crab, flatworm and frogamander models
Tortoise Exhibit — in progress
Install interactive components (concrete and fiberglass tortoise models)
Install Pleistocene tortoise w/camel print
Electrical upgrade of reptile exhibits — in progress
Electrical upgrade of Cat Canyon static exhibits — to be complete in FY09

Projects Planned for 2009-2010

Otter exhibit upgrade — Begin FY10
Animal retirement facility — ongoing
Aquatic animal holding — FY09
Montane reptile dioramas — completion — FY10
Grasslands upgrades — begin FY10

Planned Exhibits

Desert Loop Trail Dome — awaiting funding
Aquatics room exhibits refurbishments — fundraising in progress
Jaguar/puma exhibits — exhibit will proceed when funds are in place

Other Exhibit Options under Consideration

Move burrowing owls in with prairie-dogs
Turn current burrowing owl exhibit into roadrunner exhibit
Revamp small P-dogs to be caracara/turkey vulture exhibit
Songbird exhibit over Desert Grassland cienega
Magpie jay near Ironwood complex
Golden eagle near existing aviary
Badger exhibit
Arthropod Hall (cost estimated at ~$2 million) — possible long-term exhibit for DLT dome

For additional information contact Dave Eshbaugh, Director of Philanthropy, 520-883-3039, [email protected]