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Ben's Story

The experience that I have been most inspired by was during the desert campout.  We were only allowed to take about two gallons per person, one of which we needed for drinking.  So we had to cook, clean, and wash with just over a gallon.  This influenced me the most because I learned how precious water can be, and how doing little things like washing your hands with a buddy or using the three bucket system to save huge amounts of water each day.  I will start to use greywater from my shower and hook up a hose to my washing machine  to water my plants.

There are also many other ways that I have learned to help conserve the environment.  Simple things like using a compost bin and using a low-flow showerhead can go a long way.  Each person can save hundreds of dollars just by taking a three minute shower instead of a thirty minute one.  Another simple method  that I learned about is called graywater.  This is a simple process that reuses water from showers and washing machines to water plants and lawns.  That way excess water doesn’t just go down the drain, but it is reused for something productive.

   Besides learning how to conserve the environment, we had a lot of fun.  My favorite activity was the spongeball fight we had on Wednesday.  I was amused with chucking wads of sponges at defenseless people.  Even though we were having fun, we were still learning things about how to act as a group and how to trust certain people whom we have never met before.

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