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Jesus's Story

In Earth Camp the most memorable experience I had was going on the camping trips , such as the desert campout and the Mt. Lemmon campout. We played games and we camped with our friends. We made saguaro syrup and we found out how to know how old trees were. We had weird experiences like falling, twisting ankles, going under trees and playing weird games, but it has been a lot of fun. And while you are playing you are also learning and trust me, it is a ton of fun.

Because of these experiences I will talk to the Boys & Girls Club about everything I learned in Earth Camp. That way they can help me change a small part of our world for the better. I am going to talk to Rosemary our volunteer at the club so she can help me set up a time so that I can talk to the boys and girls at the club about endangered and nearly extinct species like the jaguars that come all the way from the Mexican border. Maybe we could help the poor creatures by rescuing and putting them in safe habitats for them to live.

The coolest thing I did at Earth Camp was, looking at the interesting animals at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. We saw parrots, snakes, gila monsters, quail, kestrels, owls, lizards and of course ringtails. We sketched them with some art tips from Jesus Garcia and they turned out very good, to tell you to truth, which was a very cool experience. The funniest animal was the quail which actually sounded like a monkey to me. We had a fun animal it was called a Gopher snake which is a want-to-be rattlesnake, when a predator is close the gopher snake shakes its tale in dried up leaves to sound as the rattle of the rattlesnake. 

When we went camping in Mt. Lemmon we had lots of fun we played games, did our own lunch and did some mischief. We got on top of a ski lift and we checked out how the fire destroyed most of the mountains terrains. We had someone tell stories and we fell at sleep very late at night. We woke up at 6:00 which was weird and then we had a weird exercise were you had to follow a course blind folded with a buddy that could see, but the only catch was that the buddy that could see could not tell you were you can go so it was a bit tough, but we all figured it out with some bruises scratches and bumps.

So what I am trying to say is to never give up and never think u cant do it because you can, If you put your mind and heart to it.

Journaling was a fun   thing to do we could write what ever we wanted(mostly like a diary) We wrote stories, we sketched animals, and we did work. We had lots of pics in the journal and lots and lots of sketches and lots of work we did. I think it was a good idea to have journals because it helped us keep stuff aside, instead in our head.

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