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Rachel's Story

I was probably most influenced by listening to Sergio Avila, who works for the Sky Island Alliance, as he told us about all the wild life that was endangered by the fires. Your probably thinking that it was just fun to listen to somebody, but, I saw what the aspen fire had done when we went up to Mt.lemon. How many trees it had destroyed and how the forest struggled. It really got me thinking about how something so small could turn into something big and dangerous.

  Now when I go camping, I will make sure I don’t do any thing to maybe even have the possibility to start fires and even discourage anyone I know from smoking or doing anything fire hazardous and/or dangerous .By just adjusting the way we camp and live we may be able to eliminate or at least decrease the number of forest fires we have each year. I will also conserve water by taking shorter showers, which was probably my biggest change. I used to take 30 min. showers but now I have them down to 10 or 5 minutes.I could also limit the amount of water we use all toghether,which in the end means more for nature


My favorite thing I did at Earth Camp was probably camp out at Mt.Lemmon. The best thing we did there was ride the ski lift. I saw were the aspen fire had burned down trees and even though it was a lot of damage the forest was literally making homes for animals out of all the dead trees. It was so different than Tucson, tall trees, the smell of pine in the air, and the best thing of all… It was Cold!!!!!!!

Of course we did actually learn something, like, how to tell the age of a tree by looking at it’s rings, and we even had a storyteller! It was also a great time to meet friends! I totally wish I could do it again, it was a great experience

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