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Justin's Story

What I learned about water?

What I learned about water is that
it runs out fast and at our demand.
But what can one person do?
Nothing or not much.
But I saw that it’s not fully wasted.
Many do something or even try.
An example if you please:
Brad Lancaster saves energy and water up to his knees.
Though he saves energy and water, he also grows food and rides a bike everywhere too.
Another example is a worker named Joaquim in a waste water treatment plant.
He cleans to water as it comes out
from toilets, sinks and sewers to.
He works hard to clean it you know,
so think whatever you flush it’ll go to him
so next time make sure it’s for only for the bathroom.
[preferably pee or poo].
There are some examples they do a lot .
The water that comes to them does not waste they save it use it
or for the worker clean it too.
That is all I can say now try to think there just might be something that you can possibly do.

What can I do to live in harmony with earth?

What is it that I can do to live in harmony with the planet that I live in, I know I’ll conserve water or at least try.
Making a ditch to try and water my plants.
when rains decide to pay a visit what they leave won't be wasted.
Use a low flow shower head camp gave me.
Plant plants that use less water to like cacti and desert trees, agaves, not grass or pine and thing like that they take to much water that we don't have naturally.
Seeing the people that conserve, clean and save water,
like Brad Lancaster and Joaquim the sanitary guy too,
I am motivated to at least try.
I may succed or do well.
That is my plan to help the planet.
Hopefully a recovery will slowly come and earth will become what it use to be.
Clean and peaceful.
[we need more work on peaceful though].

Monsoon season

In the begining nothing's to come.
In a few days the humidity will rise not too much.
Close to the middle storms come, but not too strong.
That is all that I have got but, I heard there are floods, heavier rains and stronger lightning later on .
But near to the end it quickly calms down, eventually becoming the begining with nothing to come.
 Until next year.

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