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Alejandra_I's Story

At earth camp I observed and participated in a lot of recycling. We went to the recycling center and I saw something interesting. There were piles and piles of non-recyclable stuff that people thought was recyclable but really wasn’t; for example plastic bags and aluminum foil. The reason the company does not accept aluminum foil, is because people usually leave food in it. We also went to the landfill and saw recyclable stuff being thrown away. All of this should have gone to the recycling center. 

So, as a leader for a shared planet I will get my family a recycling bucket and put papers on the fridge to remind them what CAN and CAN NOT be recycled. I will get them to join me by doing it myself for a week or two. Then I could ask them to try it for at least a month  then they might get used to it.

This trip was so awesome especially because my group was so cool. Emily was the smart one, Lafon was the funny one, Staci was the crazy one, and Max was the silly one.

Hehe, when we went to the shrimp farm Lafon’s hat blew away with the wind so he tried to get it back from the mud and it turns out the mud was three feet deep



Ohh then when we went out to eat Staci drank a bit to much soda and went crazy!!


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