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Nathaniel_P's Story

In Earthcamp I saw pollution everywhere which translates into a need for alternative energy and I have an idea to use quartz to generate electricity. You see, quartz generates electricity when put under pressure and it is the most common mineral in the world plus it can be made in labs, so it makes sense to use it. My idea is to put a bunch of quartz in a large cell and squeeze it to generate electricity; but how would you do that without using more energy to squeeze it than it produces? Well there would be no way to do that unless you put it under water. Since pressure increases by one atmosphere every thirty-three feet, simply putting under the ocean you could get a huge amount of pressure with no energy cost. I am going to start with simple experiments like putting a piece of quartz in a clamp, wrap some wire around it and tie the wire to a low-volt light bulb then tighten the clamp and see if I get any where. In the next six months I will have upgraded to a wooden box version that will use a sliding top to put pressure on the quartz.

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