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Reyna's Story

   Hey I am Reyna and I am from Wisconsin. I am 16. I went to Earth Camp because it sounded like fun and I wanted to be a leader for a shared planet from Wisconsin. Represent! It was a lot of fun and everybody was awesome- thank you!!         

One of the big things that I learned in Earth Camp was how many resources people use everyday. By going to the landfill, the recycling center, and measuring our trash, this is going to impact me when I go back home. I am not going to accept plastic bags when I go shopping and bring my own reusable canvas bag to carry my things. It impacts the people around me and does not produce waste. At school, I will bring a lunch box instead of a brown paper bag that will not produce trash and impact my friends at school. Last year, I took brown bags to school and now I realize that it was wasteful and now I will change. Throughout the year, the little things I will do will have a big affect on my family, community, and the environment. It might take a while to get used to it but it will help me become a leader for a shared planet. 

Some of the fun times that I had when I was at Earth Camp was when we stayed at the U of A dorms. The three teams had to make their lunch with local food. Our team, the purple team, decided to make spaghetti with our own sauce from the local farmers market. We made it with chicken in it and without a recipe and it was the best! We work so well together and it was fun getting to know each other. For dinner, there was a waste free dinner challenge and we were full from lunch so we went to Penguins for ice cream. Then we went shopping and hung out because we were done eating after 10 minutes. Then we learned how to snorkel- which I never did before. We played Uno the card game and I won!!

One of the last night staying at Earth Camp we camped out at a deserted island! We rode a boat for an hour to this island in the middle of nowhere. There was really good Mexican nectar that I drank like four of them because I was craving a strawberry smoothie. When we were in our tent, Staci was talking in her sleep and it was so funny. We went snorkeling in the ocean back to the boat but there were Man of War in the water so we went back. I never appreciated Frosted Flakes as much as I did that morning!

The by far most fun I had was the car rides to and from Mexico. On the way back, everybody in our car put gummi worms up our noses and then throwing them to the other people in the other SUV. Lafon and Alex were acting crazy because that is just what they do when they drink horchata. We always listen to the same songs and our car's favorite songs were Chicken Stew and Raise Your Hands Up In The Air! Woot Woot! Staci fell asleep and was talking in her sleep again. Hannah and I always tried to keep up writing in our journals.

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