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Sierra's Story

At earth camp, it’s an amazing journey; they have the most fun counselors and volunteers; you get to go on campouts in the desert; you have fun and learn a lot of new ways to save our planet. There are millions and millions of ways to save the Earth, it’s really easy. Even one way can make a HUGE difference. Even I Sierra Frydenlund can make a difference, and I will make a difference by: getting out more often instead of watching TV or texting my friends when I could go see them; going to my friend Natasha house and probably riding bikes somewhere; I was also thinking about joining tennis. By doing all these things I can save energy and saving my parents money. That is something I'm practicing to do and something I WILL commit to.

What I learned at earth camp is that; 71% is covered with water; 3% of that is fresh water; .003% of that is potable (drinkable) fresh water!
That is a drop, not very much is it. I also learned about planets having water; how many organisms (bacteria) there is in the Santa Cruz River, it’s not even a river anymore because we dump bleached pee water in it! Not so pleasant is it. I learned that if mammals have k-9s they are carnivores, if they have chomping teeth they’re herbivores, and if they have both kinds of teeth they’re omnivores. Also we lose hundreds of gallons of water that hasn’t even been used. I learned a lot of interesting facts, but the thing that made an impact on me is that I alone can make a difference in the world today.

One of the other experiences I had at earth camp was, seeing how our poop and pee goes through the process of going to the wastewater treatment plant building. I do not want to go into details of what I saw but I will tell you this our poop goes to the dump and the pee gets bleached and dumped into the Santa Cruz River. Amy encouraged us to take pictures of the poop, there was only one picture taken. I almost died there, it smelled so bad, and there were also ants all over the place. I ran to the car as fast as I can after we were done with the field trip. But I think it was a little bit fun. After the poop chaos, we went to the Santa Cruz River where there was an underground well. We got to taste the well water. The water tasted really fresh. The guest speaker that told us about the well said that the Santa Cruz pee water was getting closer to the fresh water which at one point contaminate the fresh water. It was some heck of a day. 

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