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Isabella's Story

My commitment

I have decided to continue my prior one from last years Earth Camp. Which is to begin a compost system and club at my school, Tucson High Magnet, in order to cut down waste and began to make my school more environmentally aware. I already have approval from my principal and with support from my fellow students and staff I believe that it will be achievable.

My Journal Entry


The following is what I wrote for day four of my twelve day Earth Camp journey:


Today was my first day back on the river. Anticipation and excitement was in the air for what nature had in store for us. I had less uncertainty than most because it was not my first experience in Desolation Canyon but I still questioned the future. As we set off the mosquitoes and deer flies overwhelmed our five platoon (which would continue throughout the thirty mile journey that we had to travel that day). As I sat on my raft I thought about memories from the previous year. Using the groover, taking smile breaks, and those activities that only make sense when on the river. After a few splashes and conversations we arrived at what would be our first camp on the river, Cedar Ridge. We implemented our first of many “fire lines” to upload what seemed to be never ending gear. Once we finished setting up our home away from home we assisted the guides with whatever they needed and ate our first river dinner, steak burritos. After we all had our fill we gathered around to discuss our future plans.  Daniel read to us about someone who decided to embark on an experiment of living without trash. Here is an excerpt from that book entitled “The No Impact Man” By Colin Beavan.


“I want my work to align with my values. I want to write about what is important. I want to help change minds. I want to find a way to encourage society that emphasizes a little less self indulgence and a little more kindness to one another and to the planet.”


I believe this is what we should all be striving to do, living an ideal way of life where we the people live in harmony with the natural world around us.


I also think that this is what Earth Camp is trying to show us, the importance of balance and unity.


After I have completed gathering my thoughts I return to my mosquito infested tent, dose myself in off and lay my head down to rest in preparation for rapid day tomorrow.



This year I was super excited to hear I was going to Arches because I have always wanted to go see delicate arch. The hike itself was not to bad but it was at the end of the day and I was super tired. But it was totally worth it once I got there. The scenery was magnificent, people of all ages from every corner of the world surrounded the arch all in awe of its beauty. I sat for a while just admiring its beauty, after a while all of us Earth Campers gathered to take a quick shot of us under the arch. After we finished I asked Sonora to take a quick picture of me and we all went back to the car.

Hiking is Tiring


One thing Earth Camp teaches you is to appreciate the small things and also that with determination you can overcome anything. For me hiking is always somewhat trying. From the treacherous uphill and down hill hike in Canyon De Chelly to the short hike to delicate Arch it always seems difficult but in the end it is always worth it.

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